Salvete Romani et omnes!
(That's Classical Latin for: "Greetings, Romans and everyone!")

This being my first entry to this blog, I want to tell a bit about myself and the purpose of this blog. I am Angelia Silvia Dacia, Virgo Vestalis Maxima of ROMA sim, Second Life. What that means is, I am the Chief Vestal Virgin of our virtual Rome simulation. In Second Life, we have virtual representations of ourselves, called avatars - and this is the role my avatar plays in our digital version of Rome. If what I just said makes no sense at all to you, I urge you to go to and find out what it's all about.

This blog will be for sharing my virtual adventures, there in Second Life, as well as sharing items I think are of interest to those in ROMA, and those interested in ancient cultures in general. Sometimes they may be humourous bits, sometimes news items, and sometimes just because I felt like posting it. (Hey - it's my bloggy and I'll post if I want to. *wink* ) It will also contain my thoughts and ideas about life in ROMA and Second Life in general.

And the point of it all is just to share my love of ROMA, Second Life, and all things ancient. Not a bad deal, right? So read on, Citizen - and travel back to the ancient Empire with me. Rome lives again!

Valete! (Fare well!)
~ A. Silvia Pal. Dacia

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On The Nature of Your Hostess...

"The mad prophetic Sibyl you shall find, Dark in a cave, and on a rock reclin'd. She sings the fates, and, in her frantic fits, The notes and names, inscrib'd, to leafs commits." ~ Publius Vergilius Maro, The Aeneid, Book III